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Practitioner Disconnect

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

From long wait-lists to see doctors, to rushed appointments with practitioners who are more focused on a screen then they are on you, to finally meeting a practitioner you connect with only to have them leave the practice, seeking primary medical care is frustrating and leaves much to be desired. Most patient’s walk away feeling like a set of data points to be corrected (a blood pressure, a lab panel, or a weight).

There is a disconnect in our current system from the human to human deep connection that is essential to the practitioner and patient relationship. I can tell you that on the medical side, most of us are as dissatisfied with the current system as you.

If you have walked away from doctor’s appointments realizing that you forgot to tell them a key piece of information, or ask a question you had wanted to, knowing that you are probably months away from being able to speak to that practitioner again, then you are not alone.

At the bedside, I can be the bridge for patients with their doctors. Here are some ways I help.

Benefits of a Nurse Coach

  1. I prepare the patient for the doctor’s visit by reminding them of questions they want to ask.

  2. I follow up with the doctors to let them know of information the patient forgot to tell them.

  3. I sit down with patients after the doctor leaves to make sure they understand the instructions and information the doctor gave them clearly.

  4. I make sure a patient has all of the correct information, so they can make an informed decision for themselves about choices for their care.

  5. I advocate for the patient, and what they want and need.

The medical system needs that same role to be filled in the outpatient setting.

Feel Confident and Prepared at Your Next Doctor's Appointment

What if you could walk into any doctor’s appointment feeling prepared with what you wanted to tell them and needed to ask them?

What if you didn’t have to try and remember what your last practitioner told you, so the new practitioner didn’t have to start from scratch?

What if, when you walked out of the appointment, you felt like the practitioner had a clear idea of where you are in your health, where you would like to be and that you were both on the same page with how to get there?

What if, after the appointment you had someone to go over, digest the information with, and then make a plan with that information to reach your health goals?

Finally, what if you had someone that you could continue to follow up with, who would support your goals - someone who knew you, as a person complete with complex relationships, life dreams and stressors, a job, a spiritual belief that guides decisions, who has fears and desires?

I can be this person for you to help you avoid further practitioner disconnect.

My goal is to build back the relationship between people and their health through deep listening, education, support and connection.


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