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Schedule a Free Consultation

Reach out today to schedule a free 50 minute consultation call to see if my skill set meets your needs. 

Standard Services

Below is a list of my standards services, but during our call, I will customize and tailor my services based on your needs and goals

1. Preparation and Follow Up for Individual Doctor's Appointments

I will prepare you for your doctors visit, going over your current understanding of your health or diagnosis, learn what has been done so far to treat you, understand what your goals for your health are, and help develop questions and get a clear idea of what information you need from your doctor. I will then support you through your doctor’s appointment if you would like a second set of ears and a support person present to make sure your concerns are addressed. After the appointment I will help you digest all of the information, clarify any areas of confusion and help you to build a plan moving forward with your health.


2. Weekly Coaching

I will work with you weekly for several months to dive really deep into your health concerns, build goals around your health care needs and support you in a plan of action to meet those goals. We will spend time looking at all of the area’s of your life including mental health, diet, physical health, relationships, environment, and finances that are impacting your health and overall quality of life.


3. Living Will and End of Life Paper Work Consulting


I offer single sessions to go over a Living Will and end of life paper work. While I cannot sign the documentation to make it legal, I will spend in depth time going over every point on the paperwork and helping you to decide what options will be right for you. End of life decisions are uncomfortable and can be emotional and scary. It is immensely valuable to take time before the crisis hits to understand the decisions and their outcomes. I will work with you in a supportive and compassionate manner to develop a plan that is right for you and your loved ones.


*I am not able to take health insurance at this time. I can discuss payments and options during my 50 minute free consultation. I am licensed to work in 38 states and can work with you if you live in any of those states. If you live in the following states, I  cannot work with you under my nursing license.  Nevada, Oregon, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania.

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