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Are you walking through a challenging medical journey such as a cancer diagnosis, traumatic injury, or end of life care?
I can help you navigate this new territory and act as as advocate on your behalf as a nurse coach.
You are not alone.

Doctor and Patient

What is a nurse coach?
Watch this intro video to learn more.


About Lauren Jefferson - Nurse Coach


I believe your health is connected to your physical being, your mental state, your spiritual beliefs, your financial state, and your relationships.


I utilize evidence based practiced learned at the bedside, along with my advanced assessment and communication training to connect all of the pieces, for you to reach your highest health potential.


I will deeply listen to you and help you to overcome any barriers that are holding you back.

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Doctor's Desk

5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Make sure you feel prepared and in control during your next visit to the doctor. I created this PDF download and printable sheet for you to take with you to your next appointment.

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Schedule a Free Consultation

Have you ever gone to your doctor but felt intimidated and unsure of how to explain what is really going on?


Have you have ever left your doctor's office with more questions than answers, feeling so overwhelmed with options and medical jargon that you don’t even know what steps to take from there?


Are you facing a difficult decision about your own health or a loved ones health and don’t know how to make the best choice?


Are you struggling as you age, facing new health problems, or are looking for support in setting and meeting your own health goals to live your healthiest life?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, reach out for a free consultation. I may be able to help you as I've supported many others who have been in your shoes.

Client Testimonials





I will listen to you, advocate for you, and support you.

Read reviews from past clients to see how I have helped them and their loved ones.

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